Watercolor Paintings

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"Breanna's Birds"

"Daily Grind"

"Peas and Honey"

"Morning Shift"


"Pink Cacti"

"Western Wildflowers"

"Relish the Complements"

"Fork Fiesta"

"Essential Utensil"

"Melon Drama"

"Spoon It"

"Ornaments in Crystal"

Apple and Oranges

Apple and Oranges 2

Going Bananas

Essential Utensil

Essential Utensil - 2

Hopi Maiden

Buffalo Dance Hopi

Holland Tulip 2014

Holland Beauty

Pepper Pot

"Euphonium Euphoria"


"Occupied" - 11"w x 14"h - Unframed (Giclee)

"Tequila Sunrise" - GICLEE 26"w x 32"h

"Amazona Rider" - 23"w x 18"h - Unframed

"Saguaro Burst" - 20"w x 36"h - Framed

"Between Points" - 28"w x 21"h - Matted

"Symmetry" - 19"w x 19"h - Matted

"My Blue Heaven" - 16 1/2" h x 15 1/2"w - Framed (wood)

"Gardenia Glow" - 13 1/2"w x 13 1/2"h - Unframed

"Cliff Dwelling" - 16"w x 19"h - Unframed

"Queen Victoria Agave" 13"w x 15"h - Framed

"Blazing Bloom" - 30"w x 24"h - Framed

"42nd Street" - 25 1/2"w x 31"h - Framed

"Chair" - 24"w x 29 1/2"h - Framed

"Reflections of the Heart" GICLEE - 16"w x 20"h

"Palm Plant" - 22"w x 24"h

"Sweet" - 27"w x 26"h - Framed

"Vase and Variant" - 21"w x 29"h

"Complements & Crystal"

"Picnic" - 26"w x 33"h - Framed


"What's All the Fuzz About"

"Mexican Petunia" - 20"w x 17 1/2"h - Unframed

"Glory" (Award Winner) - 31 1/2"w x 31 1/2"h - Framed

"Eagle Eye" GICLEE 16"w x 20"h unframed

"Just a Rose" - 19.5"w x 16"h - Matted

"Body and Soul" (Award Winner) - 22"w x 32 1/2"h - Framed

"Curtain Call"

"Indian Paint Brush" - 17"w x 16"h - Matted/Unframed

"Soon" (Cactus ready to bloom) - 8"w x 10"h

"Color Line and Glass" - 28"w x 30"h - Framed (Award Winner)

"Just a Little Sweetness Left" - 24"w x 15"h - Matted